SELECTION PROCEDURE SUSPENDED: Deputy Fundamental Rights Officer

Details of this vacancy

Reference No
Deadline (midday, 12:00 h of Warsaw local time)
Procedure is SUSPENDED
Open for applications

Apply for this vacancy

  1. Please allow yourself sufficient time of at least 2 hours to read the documents, collect your data and to prepare your application. We strongly recommend not to wait until the very last day.
  2. Read thoroughly the Vacancy Notice.
  3. Download the digital application form from the section above. Save it to your MS Windows equipped computer, open and fill with your data using a PDF reader – the recommended version is the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version 2020.012.20041 - you may download this free version here: ).
    Opening the file and working only in a browser as well as using iOS computers is not fully supported and may not produce a valid application. The application form is created specifically (and only) for this selection procedure. It is digitally signed by which prevents the form to be manipulated by applicants. Application forms with removed digital signature and applications forms larger than 6 MB are not accepted by Frontex systems and are not considered to be valid.
  4. Fill out the form electronically in English language.
  5. Fields, where you may enter your input, are highlighted in light blue colour. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a required input .
  6. When entering dates, the only accepted format is DD/MM/YYYY (if you use different format, e.g. DD-MM-YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY, the automatic calculation fields may not display the calculations correctly).
  7. You should be concise – the space for your input is limited by the size of the text boxes and/or by a defined number of characters.
  8. In case you have technical issues with filling/saving/submitting your application form, you may write to us at providing us with the following information:
    1. The full ‘Print Screen’ (the full page) of the problem (this screen shot should also include eventual erroneous messages);
    2. An information on the version of pdf software used to fill the form;
    3. An information on your operating system run by your computer and its version (e.g. Windows 10, Windows 7 ideally also with the Service Pack version – if applicable).
  9. Please do not submit your application unless you have fully read and understood the information contained in the Vacancy Notice and you have assured that the data you have entered in your application are correct.
  10. Once you complete and verify your application, do not sign or scan this application form. Instead, save it in a PDF file (indicating your surname in the file name) and submit it (upload it) to Frontex using section below. Do not use any e-mail communication to submit your application (unless explicitly authorized in writing by Frontex Recruitment team) – such an application will be automatically disregarded and will not be recorded and further processed.
  11. After you successfully upload your application file, a submission code will automatically appear on the screen – please note it down and keep a copy of it as a proof of your submission.
  12. In case you will submit more than one application in this procedure, Frontex will only assess the latest one and will automatically disregard all your previous applications.
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(please check this box before submitting your application) I fully understand, that by submitting/uploading my application to Frontex, I have read and understood all the information contained in the Vacancy Notice.
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